[percy-l] gay marriage

Parlin, Steven PARLINS at culver.org
Tue Aug 12 11:53:59 EDT 2003

Just a quick comment on the public debate regarding "gay marriage" 
I wonder what Percy would make of this, at least from a semantic point of
view. 'Marriage' refers to a specific thing, the union of man and woman, and
whether one argues that such definitions can be stretched and broadened and
altered to be more inclusive, the truth is they can't. For example, no one
would really allow 'flock of fish' or 'swarm of cows' (unless for effect).
Such words refer to specific things. So, leaving the moral arguments aside,
on purely semantic terms, homosexuals can't be 'married' any more than fish
can flock or cows can swarm. 
Just an observation. 
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