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i'm so curious to hear more about your grad work.  from what i've read of 
your posts, it sounds as if we've be travelling parallel roads in our 
thoughts on percy.  i wrote my master's thesis on percy, specifically on the 
importance of secondary characters to tom and will's quests--i used marcel's 
notion of "intersubjectivity" extensively throughout my argument.  i 
essentially argued that the secondary characters were the means by which tom 
and will discovered "authentic" living.

love to hear more of your thoughts.

chris boss

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>In that email, I was, once again, riding my hobby horse. My grad work was
>on Percy and how the synthesis of Kierkegaard and Marcel is needed to
>best understand Percy's fiction. Kierkegaard's "diagnosis" of modern
>society is correct, but his "remedy"--the lone "knight of faith"--isn't
>found in Percy. Percy uses Marcel's "intersubjectivity" as the remedy to
>the man's (woman's) modern condition. It is through "the other" that one
>finds himself. For example, Lancelot finds hope when he "sees" Fr. John.
>They "connect" eye-to-eye and achieve intersubjectivity. L. is just one
>example. In my opnion, none of Percy's fiction contains someone finding
>himself outside of interaction (communion--to use a more Christian term)
>with the other. (Of course, Buber and Levinas offer similar ideas, but
>Marcel's "version"--due probably to being Catholic and seeing the
>necessity of the sacred in and of the material world--is more
>incarnational and fits more closely with Percy's worldview (as portrayed
>in his fiction. I offer the qualifier because I never met him. Maybe
>Marcus or Nikki can chime in.).
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