Abduction, not kidnapping but guessing

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I, too, appreciated the definition and it makes better sense now.  As I was
reading Percy, I was getting the impression that "abduction" was
"intuition" -- how different is that from "guessing?"  How would you
differentiate the two, or would you?

Second question:  did PERCY publish in Doubletake in Winter 2002?
(Hmmm...he's been busy in the afterlife, hasn't he?) Or is this a chapter
from his unpublished manuscript "Symbol and Existence"?  I saw that it is at
UNC-Chapel Hill and wondered if it was worth the 8 hour drive to go look at
it...has anyone read it/seen it?

The reason I ask is I think the dissertation is going to be on this topic
after all -- Percy's semiotics, as it relates to Peirce, et al...really
fascinating stuff, don't you think?  So I'll be reading your book(s) (Ken)
and may have lots more questions but I'll try to keep them to a minimum!


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Dear Ken,

I thoroughly enjoyed your brief and CLEAR account of abduction, deduction
and inference.  If  you have the time and interest  I would also love for
you to give a brief account of Peirce's categories and indicate how they tie
in with these forms of reasoning.

BTW,  I read your HIS GLASSY ESSENCE   and found it a delight.  What I liked
most about it was that Peirce's ideas (often in his own words) were selected
and organized in way that assisted me in following their natural (historical
and logical) development.  And you did not preach at me but instead
concentrated on presenting his ideas plainly, carefully and in context so
that I could begin to understand them and draw my own conclusions as to
their significance.   The love and respect you have for your topic shines
through and I think your book will be prized most by those share your
affection. A credit to your subject!

Jim Piat

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