[percy-l] New Percy-L Submission Address/Features

Henry P. Mills wpercy1 at mail.ibiblio.org
Fri Nov 29 19:49:12 EST 2002


To all Percy-L members:

The friendly folk at ibiblio.org have migrated the Percy-L listserv to a new
address.  All future submissions to the listserv should be directed to:

        percy-l at lists.ibiblio.org

Posts sent to the old address, percy-l at franklin.metalab.unc.edu, will no
longer be distributed.

The change to a new server should be entirely transparent except for the
following information that you should review.

By going to the following address, you can access and edit options related
to your account, including subscribing/unsubscribing, changing passwords,
putting your account on temporary hold, and others.  Having access to these
features is an improvement over our former listserv.


Once there, simply scroll to the bottom of the page, enter your email
address, and click the "Edit Options" button to proceed to the options page.

Immediately following this email, each member of Percy-L will receive an
individualized email containing a unique password for their account.  Use
this password to change your personal options settings at the above web
page.  Your email address is your account ID.  A password is necessary to
make any changes to your account, including unsubscribing.

This follow-up email will also contain instructions on how to use email
commands to alter your personal settings, but most users will find the web
page interface more user-friendly.

Please note that, other than being familiar with the information in this
email, you need not take any further action to continue your service.
Simply be certain to keep both this and the follow-up email with your
password on hand for future use.

To complete this announcement, you will find in your mailbox a revised copy
of the Percy-L Guidelines.  Please make certain you are familiar with the
guidelines and save for future reference.

Please note that Percy-L is a private list.  No one may access the entire
member subscription list, and no one may change anyone's user account
settings without a password.  These measures safeguard your control over
your participation in the list.

Lastly, archives of past discussion will remain available at the following


As always, post your discussion with attention in mind that your comments
will be available to others on an ongoing basis.

Send email directly to: wpercy1 at ibiblio.org

Thank you,

Henry P. Mills
Director and Editor
The Walker Percy Project

         Please Save This Document For Future Use

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