Pop music Moby's top 5 novels.... (from the LA Times...)

David Alan Beck dabeck at iupui.edu
Tue May 14 19:18:21 EDT 2002

Every now and then I turn to an MTV station (that I somehow get, even
though I don't have cable). Sometimes I do it just to confirm the
direction we are heading (another chapter in the Decline of Western
Civilization). Other times, I do it just to be up on what my students are
talking about (to prove that I know artists more current than Dylan,
CSN&Y, etc.). I saw a video of his, where he was walking around in a space
suit, looking around at normal life as if he were a stranger to the place.
Unfortunately, I couldn't hear what he was singing, because I was on the
phone. Anyway, I'm curious about the other four favorite novels. Were they

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Joseph D. Lierl wrote:

> In a recent article in the LA Times, there was an article on Pop music's
> Moby. As an aside to the article, they published a list of Moby's top 5
> movies, albums, and novels.
> He listed "The Moviegoer" in his top 5 novels, with this quote "This
> deals withthe crippling, banal aspects of contemporary life and how we
> are all on the cusp of grace and epiphany, but are always running away
> from it"
> Just thought it was interesting and that I would pass it along for
> consideration...
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future for man if he spent less time proving that
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