Was Percy ever involved in the debate on molestations by Catholic priests?

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Tue May 7 21:06:05 EDT 2002

My comment was more about the fact that married priests are the answer to
the "dearth of priests" that now exist in the American Catholic Church, and
the fact that many very qualified, quality young men who would like to be
priests are not choosing that profession due to the celibacy requirement, so
that there is now a crisis in the church when it comes to its leadership.

Pedophiliacs, as Wade had said already, will gravitate to any profession
that provides access to children.  Boy scouts, teaching, coaching,
priesthood.  (Whether or not these are married professions or not.)
Unfortunately, these are the professions (and those in those professions)
that we usually hold to be most admirable, because they involve mentoring


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>And, are married priests the answer, as might be the >logical conclusion
>given America's dearth of priests, the recent >pedophilia scandals,

I am a lurker mostly but this idea I have never understood. how would being
married cut down on child abuse in the church? lots of married men many men
in secular world indulge in pedophilia.

Ryan Nelson

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