A Modest Proposal

Rhonda McDonnell rhonda_mcdonnell at hotmail.com
Sat May 4 16:06:07 EDT 2002

Although I'm not one to disregard the possibility of chemical imbalances 
which are real physical causes for ailments of the psyche, I also agree with 
your take on it. Modern society is too bent on easy fixes when, in truth, 
part of the human condition is anxiety.  This all reminds me of SECOND 
COMING--Will Barrett lost his anxiety when he was medicated, forgot about 
the Jews disappearing, etc. but he didn't really feel better until he 
addressed the spiritual cause of his ailment.

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>Dear Folks,
>OK  --another modest maybe..
>Maybe prozac or any other psychotropic medication can never by itself be a 
>cure for man's problems in living because ultimately such problems are 
>problems of meaning and significance and no amount of chemically altered 
>feelings or sensation can by themselves achieve meaning.  The plane of 
>meaning can never be achieved by brute force alone.  As the Greeks taught 
>it is not what happens to us but the view we take of it
>Whadaya think  --any other suggestions?
>Jim Piat
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