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> Dear Nikki,
> Yes, I think Percy was having some fun with his friend Ken Ketner in making 
> these remarks and I've no doubt that  Percy understanding of Peirce went 
> right to the marrow of Peirce's triadic concept of representation  --now if 
> I could only grasp one percent of what either were saying I'd be well on my 
> way!
> Thanks--
> Jim Piat
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D'accord on the subject of understanding the 1%. But if by "having fun with 
Ketner" you mean to imply that WP had his tongue in his cheek or was being 
facetious, you've got it wrong. He was in dead earnest in his statements. Ken 
and I have been having a lengthy and private dialogue about the partiality of 
Walker's acceptance of Peirce and think we may have come up against some 
interesting insights, but we're (or at least I) not ready to share them just 

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