transcendence and immanence

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What happened with semiotics was the bastardization of Peirce's semeiotic, 
something Dr. Ketner can explain much more eloquently than I can. But, if I 
have it right, the problem with semiotics, if you come at it from a Peirce 
perspective, is that thirdness or triadic communication is dropped out of 
the formula. Of course for Peirce and Percy, thirdness is what it's all 
about, hence the conflict rather than congruence.

Rhonda McDonnell

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>Thanks folks. This will help me out some. I just finished a first draft of
>the thesis and will wrap it up by late April. Here's another thing that I'd
>like some help on. Do Lacan's theory of language and the Peirce-Percy
>theory have much in common? I've read some things about Lacan's theory, but
>am too strapped for time, and probably too dumb, to go and read a bunch of
>Lacan. What I have read, though, seems to be similar to the semiotic theory
>in Lost in the Cosmos. Help...please.
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