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Nelson nelson at
Tue Mar 19 21:59:26 EST 2002

It's relieving to have another younger students type person on this list.
I'm 23 and, because of medical problems, am an on and off student.  I mainly
lurk but I have learned quite a bit from all of the distinguished professors
and intellectuals that reside Walker Percy section of the cyber landscape. I
figure if a Abraham Lincoln can educated himself all the way to the
presidency I can do the same (except the presidency part and the beard).

Ryan Nelson

PostScript: I'm a writer though I'm not consciously influenced by our main
man.  Consciously. Though irrelevant to discussion here I love music mainly
the Minneapolis band The Replacements and jazz.

> Glad to see this list is vibrant again.  By way of introduction, I am a 24
> year old student who was introduced to Percy in a secondary teachers'
> workshop.  That session dealt mainly with semiotics, but it gave me the
> to pick up a book I had been given a couple of years before in a Southern
> Lit. class.
>     The first novel I read was also The Moviegoer, followed by Lancelot.
> Though I appreciated the dark humor and intrigue in Lancelot; I would
> recommend Last Gentleman to your friend, especially considering the age.
> Both books deal seriously with questions of death, but I think the latter
> balances the love and hope stuff in a way that might be more palatable to
> younger reader.  Not that I mistrust the judgment of your friend or any
> reader, just an opinion in hindsight.  I consider myself fairly jaded, but
> after a spell of reading all the novels back to back, the dark content,
> particularly the fixation with suicide, began to get to me a little more
> I would have anticipated.
> John Biundo
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