Percy reader needs rec.'s

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Yes, yes, yes - I too would recommend Lancelot as the next Percy foray! -
it's a grand introduction to Percy's humor and often more palatable for many
than Love in the Ruins although, depending on your friend, I'd definitely
recommend this too. What a delight I remember in reading both of these - and
I read both prior to The Moviegoer.

-Sunni Zuniga

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>The Last Gentlman might be a good one (although the similarities--child
>dying, etc., might make her think that we was a singer of one song, which,
>of course, is far from the truth). The students in my Intro to Fiction
>class enjoy Lancelot more than The Moviegoer (not enough sex and violence
>probably). But it seems to have a certain appeal to young people, But I
>guess it depends on how young your friend is and if she is offended by
>some of the language. But if she is like my students (19 or 20), they seem
>to be a pretty jaded bunch; not much shocks or disturbs them. They grew up
>on MTV.
>For what it's worth,
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