source of quote?

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I agree. This does sound Percy-esque. If it is, it will likely be found in
one of the Conversations anthologies because Percy was far too careful in
his intentional writing to use expressions like "so on target". It's most
likely a direct quote from an interview. 

Where did you find the quote? 

Steve Parlin 

PS. I subscribed to this list awhile ago, and I was beginning to wonder if
it had been discontinued. Glad to see a spark.

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Glad to see some life on this all-too-quiet listserv. Anyway, I agree with
Jim. It sounds like Percy; it also sounds like something M. Muggeridge
could have said. Though I could be wrong, it doesn't sound Tolstoyan at
all. For Tolstoy (whom Paul Johnson called "God's older brother"), man is
not in deep, deep trouble as long as Leo is there to provide the Way, the
Truth, and the Light. 

I'll look it up when I get home. Maybe it is in one of the Conversation


On Thu, 7 Mar 2002 JHForest at wrote:

> The Walker Percy List isn't dead after all. That's good news.
> >> "Christianity is so on target because at the heart of it is the
> acknowledgment that man has a problem; that man is in deep, 
> deep trouble." <<
> It sounds far more like Percy than Tolstoy. Tolstoy, busy warring 
> with the Russian Orthodox Church, saw himself as a Christian 
> prophet, but had a pretty low opinion of Christianity as such unless 
> it was willing to be remade along Tolstoyan lines. I doubt he would 
> have enjoyed Walker Percy's company.
> By the way, I have a book just out called "Confession: Doorway to 
> Forgiveness."  One of the chapters has a long quote from Percy's 
> "Thanatos Syndrome." The chapter is web posted at:
> .
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