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Saw your request on the list.  I have read all Percy's novels,
then the Samway bio, which is entitled, I think, "Walker Percy".
While I couldn't help wondering how much of Samway's ego had
crept into the bio (According to his account he had obtained the
enviable status of close friend and anointed -- by Percy --
biographer.  I wondered if his understandable elation at such a
status might have bubbled over a bit into the bio.  I still think
the bio rings true.  I'd be interested in getting other opinions
about that from the list, and so request via cc on this e-mail.),
it seems faithful to its subject, and has much to say about WP's
existentialism and Catholicism.  You might also find leads in the
bibliography and index of that bio.

Hope this helps.

Yours truly,

Al Pearson

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> Dear list,
> I'm forwarding two emails that deal with Percy. I hope this
might awaken
> our sleeping list.
> David Beck
> "The past is never dead. It's not even past."
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> Mr. Beck,
> I am a student at Guilford College in Greensboro, NC who saw
your e-mail on
> a Walker Percy discussion group. I'm writing my undergraduate
honors thesis
> on Walker Percy. My thesis director has never read any of his
writings and
> neither has anyone on my committee. I'm writing on the usual
stuff (his
> work as it relates to existentialism and Catholicism). My angle
is trying
> to contrast his non-fiction with his fiction. I'm trying to
examine the
> ways in which the non-fiction has a different effect than the
fiction. I
> was hoping you might know some criticism that touches on this
> since the resources at this school are pretty slim. I know this
> unsolicited and you probably have plenty of things to think
about already,
> but I would appreciate it if you sent me an e-mail either
saying you're too
> busy to help me out or pointing me in the right direction.
> Thanks,
> Richard Flynn
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