[percy-l] Re: animals, order, symbol, self-consciousness, and The Fall of Man

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 13 17:42:06 EST 2002

Dear Karey,

I half agree with you.  I like your positive account of what language is
and I agree that your friend Ken has not adequately addressed this issue  --
but I think you are mistaken (along with Percy) in the view that non human
animals (and indeed even so called inanimate rocks) don't participate in the
world of symbolic thought  -- God's thought.  Course if you had quoted me
even once I'd have forgone this quibble, but under the circumstances  --just
kidding of course.

Jim Piat

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From: "Karey L. Perkins" <karey at charter.net>

> To Ken and interested listeners --
> First of all, in both the e-mail below and previously, you (Ken D.)are
> disagreeing with Percy on the wrong grounds --

> the animals come up in his argument but they
> really aren't what the argument is all about

-- it is about understanding
> the nature of language, and hence, the nature of man.

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