[percy-l] Re:Seminal events of consciousness

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 13 01:56:40 EST 2002

Dear Wade,

I've been reading accounts of the genetic basis of mental disorders for the
past 30 years  -- until one of them comes up with a passably interesting
account of what a mental disorder is I will continue to dismiss them out of
hand. Same goes for the so called genetic "explanations" of language  --
until the geneticists demonstrate some understanding of what makes the study
of language interesting I consider their research beside the point. How can
they identify the genes for language when neither they or anyone else yet
knows what language is or who has the capacity for it?  Seems to me the
nature and distribution of language ability (like that of so called mental
disorders) is only self evident to those who understand it least.

Jim Piat

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