[percy-l] animal communication and consciousness

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 12 15:41:39 EST 2002

> Jim,
> I was just about to leave the office, but I wanted to offer a quick reply.
> Consciousness, it seems to me, is not contingent upon being able to create
> an abstract notion of existence. Existence is. Consciousness of existence
> is. Language, the signs and sounds we use, is merely a vehicle for
> an incarnate and thus shared form to our consciousness. I am currently
> working out a theory about God's consciousness made sacramental in Christ,
> the first incarnate word. In the beginning was the word sort of stuff. I'm
> sure I'm not the first to hit upon this, but it's a fun discovery
> Steve

I think you are much in line with how Percy would describe the matter.
However  I think a case can also be made that the discovery of the abstract
notion of existence was the seminal event from which consciousness sprang
and not vice versa.  But whatever may be the case,  I'm delighted to hear
your take on this and look forward to your further thoughts.

Jim Piat

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