[percy-l] animal communication and consciousness

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 12 15:36:11 EST 2002

> They don't have a "world" in which to exist.  They have an "environment"
> which they react.

Dear Steven,

Yes, I think it is the abstract notion of existence itself that non human
animals may lack.  Both humans and animals can react to various tangible
objects but it takes a more powerful brain to store and process abstract
notions -  and especially this most abstract of all notions existence or
being itself.  I think the story of the garden of Eden when man became of
aware of good and evil (as existing) is an attempt to address this watershed
moment in man's existence when he became of aware of the word itself.  Truly
the beginning of man as man.

Just some thoughts---

Jim Piat

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