[percy-l] Re: Some Random Thoughts, Largely Unrelated, Based on Previous Discussions and Readings

Ken Armstrong armstron at ohiou.edu
Tue Dec 3 09:36:53 EST 2002

At 07:07 AM 12/3/2002 -0500, Frederick Glaysher wrote:

Hey, Frederick, welcome to the list, I've enjoyed reading some of your 
essays (much to agree with, some not) since seeing your recent post on 
another list. I'm too tied to other duties to be much of a revivalist here, 
but your isolating the Percy quote below made me wonder not about the bad 
start the 21st may be off to (depends where you are?), but how now do we 
conceive ourselves in the cosmos? If rational, naturally good, and part of 
the cosmos then, what now? Or, in the "perception is everything" line of 
thought, how on the whole (not as individuals who may differ widely) do we 
conceive ourselves now?

Ken Armstrong

How about attempting a
>"revival" with one of my favorite quotations from Percy:
>Sign Posts in a Strange Land, 309:
>"The old modern age has ended. We live in a post-modern as well
>as a post-Christian age which as yet has no name....
>"It is post-modern because the Age of Enlightenment with its vision
>of man as a rational creature, naturally good and part of the cosmos,
>which itself is understandable by natural science--this age has also
>ended. It ended with the catastrophes of the twentieth century."
>What are we to make of the catastrophes of the 21st Century?
>Not off to an especially good start, are we?! Or too gloomy
>a quotation to prompt comment?
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