[percy-l] New Percy-L Submission Address, cntd.

Henry P. Mills wpercy1 at mail.ibiblio.org
Mon Dec 2 19:34:42 EST 2002

To all Percy-L members:

This is a follow-up reminder that all future submissions to the listserv
must be directed to:

        percy-l at lists.ibiblio.org

Posts sent to the old address, percy-l at franklin.metalab.unc.edu, will fail
and you will receive a terminal error message.

This change means that if you simply reply to a message distributed through
the old address (all messages prior to Friday), it will bounce.  In this
case, be certain, therefore, to substitute manually the new submission
address for the old one in the To: field.

Please send any email regarding questions, comments, or concerns directly
to: wpercy1 at ibiblio.org

Thank you,

Henry P. Mills
Director and Editor
The Walker Percy Project

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