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> Dear Nikki, Karen, Folks-
> Although some Peirce scholars disagree with his self assessment, the 
> intellectually recalcitrant Chomsky has credited Peirce as a philosopher he 
> is close to in his own thinking about mind and thought. I think somewhere 
> Percy says, perhaps somewhat facetiously, that he (Percy himself) only took 
> one percent of Peirce and bent it to his own purposes (presumably Christian 
> apologetics). Something Peirce seemed to do a bit of himself. 
> At least those are my non own scholarly impressions as a casual reader of 
> all three. 
> Best,
> Jim Piat
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>> In response to your question insofar as it relates to Charles Peirce and 
>> Choamski, Walker was very pro the former and con the latter.
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Dear Jim,

Yes, the partial use of CSP by Walker is discussed at length in the letters 
between Walker and Ken Ketner in A Thief of Peirce, (hence the title of the 
book) but later on Walker seems to have confirmed his nearly entire embrace 
of Pragmaticism in the Jefferson Lecture.

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