Conscious Will

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Well, if we could figure out what he is, perhaps he is
something totally new and different and I could finally
narrow down my dissertation topic...(!)


PS:  I agree "language" is integral to his
philosophy...this relates to what a colleague of mine is
working on, the idea of "image" (or symbol...something
transcendent and meaningful -- which for Percy language
is a key mediator) vs. "icon" (cliché, or just the idea
of a physical sign, the one for one equation that he
says semioticists like to believe in, but that language
really is not).  I'm reading "Naming and Being" right
now, in which he says that language relates to our

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Karey Perkins wrote:

But, what I didn't pick up until I started on his
non-fiction (which is slower going than the fiction, I'm
still on "Signposts in a Strange Land" and haven't made
it to the others yet), is that he is also NOT a dualist!
Of course it's obvious after the fact (Love in the Ruins
and Tom More's lapsometer measuring the
physical/spiritual split; the "San Andreas fault"...).
This also relates to our immanence/transcendence
discussion -- what Percy's saying is he's not a dualist.

So what is he?


Dear Karey,

Enjoyed your post!  I don't know what Percy is or
considered himself philosophically.  A Christian of
course  --perhaps a Christian existentialist of the
Peircean pragmaticist variety.  I think he may have seen
language as in some way mediating the dualism of mind
and body. Thanks for the fun and illuminating comments.

Jim Piat

I wonder about the relationship between religion and
philosophy.  They both address some of the same
questions.  Is it mostly a matter of faith vs. reason?
Faith were reason fails?
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