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Karey Perkins wrote:

But, what I didn't pick up until I started on his non-fiction (which is slower going than the fiction, I'm still on "Signposts in a Strange Land" and haven't made it to the others yet), is that he is also NOT a dualist!  Of course it's obvious after the fact (Love in the Ruins and Tom More's lapsometer measuring the physical/spiritual split; the "San Andreas fault"...).  This also relates to our immanence/transcendence discussion -- what Percy's saying is he's not a dualist.

So what is he?


Dear Karey, 

Enjoyed your post!  I don't know what Percy is or considered himself philosophically.  A Christian of course  --perhaps a Christian existentialist of the Peircean pragmaticist variety.  I think he may have seen language as in some way mediating the dualism of mind and body. Thanks for the fun and illuminating comments.

Jim Piat

I wonder about the relationship between religion and philosophy.  They both address some of the same questions.  Is it mostly a matter of faith vs. reason? Faith were reason fails?
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