Conscious Will

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Fri Apr 26 07:08:42 EDT 2002

Dear Folks- 

Seems to me that the drive to be conscious is the strongest drive of all. Consciousness is like going to the movies only better  --it's our own life that is being shown.  Being conscious of our motives and actions does not in my view necessarily mean we are freely choosing them.  Nor do I understand how consciousness would be necessary for free choice to occur.  

I'm not even sure what consciousness is. How does consciousness differ from mere responding? I think consciousness may depend upon the ability to represent experience.  That perhaps the two are somehow intimately connected and responsible for producing the sense of life occurring on two levels  --the mental spiritual and the physical material.  What can a conscious person do that an unconscious person can not do?  Is language the answer?  Is there such a thing as unconscious language?  I suppose there is such a thing as mindless chatter --and perhaps this is an example of it.  But my question is could we have the word (as representation) without consciousness and/or vice versa.  Perhaps it is true that in the beginning (of aware life) was the word and it occurred in the garden of Eden. 

Jim Piat
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