[pcplantdb] today

Chad Knepp pyg at galatea.org
Thu Sep 30 12:26:31 EDT 2004

Well, today is my only free day this week, so I after this email
launches I'll be diving into HG again.

I apologize for being so OTE and not getting to it as I expected.
Fortunately after Sunday there are probably only 2-3 more sorghum
cooks and with the frost free date approaching my work with garden
annuals is about to end.  I wish we could just go back to August when
I had such abundant free time.

I did a tabulation of my hours to date and I currently have 36 hours
which although things have gone slower than I expected still seems to
be pretty on track in terms of my earliest estimates.  I have been
billing 1/3 time for when I am truly stuck on something and crediting
the remainder to my education.  I am hopeful because I sense that my
being stuck on Zope intricacies is nearing an end.

Once again my humble apologies for barking louder than my bite and not
moving as fast as I promised.  I do think we can have something to
demonstrate by Oct. 15th and I am hopeing for much earlier to allow
for some tuning/beautification.

I also said that I would post docs on permaculture.info and although I
now have stuff to post it has really taken a back seat to other
activities.  I haven't forgotten about them, and I don't expect to do
this before a real first release.  The bios I think would make good
member homepages and linked from one page or put all one page, wadya

Wish me luck,

Chad Knepp
perl -e 'print pack"H*","7079674067616c617465612e6f72670a"'

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