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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Mon Sep 27 21:06:27 EDT 2004

Stephanie Gerson wrote:

> ‡ PIW and PCPLANTDB Lists
> About the PIW list, Lawrence asked, “Do you want the archives public or
> private; subscriptions open without approval or anyone can subscribe (without
> me being given notification and the opportunity to review their application
> and give my approval for access to the list - I can remove spammers and
> malicious users this way -  rather than after the fact)?”
> Let’s make the PIW pretty much open to anyone without spammic (my new word)
> nor malicious intentions.  That would be wonderful if you helped weed them out
> by reviewing their applications.


> About the pcplantdb list (or the piw list?), Lawrence wrote, “I thought it
> was already decided not to limit subscriptions.  I have it set up for anyone

That was my type, should read: "was already decided to limit subscriptions"

> interested to apply and send me email which I will post here for group
> approval of their access to the forum. Otherwise anyone can send me
> email with email ID's anyone they want in this list and I will subscribe them.
> Much better to know before subscribing them - letting them on for a
> "probationary" period then possibly unsubbing them is not good for PR.”
> This is absolutely fine with me.


> Lawrence wrote, “It looks like pcplantdb and piw lists, permaculture.info's
> Plone CMS and the pcplantdb wiki in the pcwiki. Group access to a (public)
> website where we all edit the html and upload documents could be had also (on
> ibiblio, where everyone has ibiblio accounts and write access to the
> filespace) - this might be even easier for Stephanie than using wiki or a
> cms.”
> The easier the better.  What do others say?

I'm curious too.

> Although Chad assured us that code will be pretty modular, I’d still like to
> initiate this discussion (don’t worry Scott, this isn’t about overloading
> Chad – more about fleshing out the delicious ingredients of hg).  I’ll
> write up something preliminary, including ideas and questions, and send it out
> at some point soon (like Chad, I’d rather be ambiguous than set rigorous
> deadlines).  
> Somewhat related to the informational architecture, Lawrence wrote, “I
> thought input from anonymous users would not be allowed or were they to be
> allowed within a peer-review system wherein spam would be rejected?”
> This is something we’ve briefly alluded to, but haven’t thoroughly
> discussed.  People have suggested peer-review systems similar to e-Bay

It was well-discussed by Rich, Chad and John 1&2. Look in the archives.

> (someone recently told me that at this point, your e-Bay rating is more
> important than your credit rating) and Amazon – how exactly do they work and
> would we want to mimic them?  What do people think?  

See the pcplantdb archives for a proposed system.

> -Ecological Engineering – Apologies that I still haven’t initiated this
> thread…but I will!  I know Lawrence was excited about it, and thanks for the
> extra poking around you did.  I actually subscribe to JIE (Journal of
> Industrial Ecology), so shhhhh - if you’re quiet, I can send you the article
> I was referring to (“Industrial Ecology and Ecological Engineering,” by
> David Tilley) along with any other relevant ones.

This article is unique and should be well worth reading (I haven't yet but plan to).
It costs $8 to download.

> -Chad wrote, “There is 'having something to show' and there is 'having
> something kick-butt to show'.”  Completely understand the difference.  Todo
> bien.  Just want a proof-of-concept (a.k.a. something to show that doesn’t
> necessarily kick butt) to show by October 15th – will this be possible.  If
> not, no need to stress about it.
> -Latest tasks updated below.  Check 'em if you please.
> Alrighty, that’s all for now.
> hg LOve
> *Stephanie
> p.s. holy guacamole Scott, you don’t know what an hg is?
> p.p.s.  $B"x (B
> p.p.p.s.  just kidding…ok ok I will make the transition from MS Word soon
> (will someone hold my hand)

Get a text editor: UltraEdit (Uedit), NoteTab Pro and Textpad.

> ∑ Lawrence
> 1. Create new and improved wiki, or other form of shared work webspace

Some of this relates to the "shared web workspace" mentioned above.

lfl at intrex.net

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