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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lfl at intrex.net
Thu Sep 16 01:37:22 EDT 2004

Stephanie Gerson wrote:

> hi everyone,
> Quite a discussion about listservs.  A few points/questions:
> à	Fine with me if the pcplantdb list is not open.  
> à	Although it is not open, as Lawrence asked, would we like the archives to
> be public?  

Once more into the breech ...........

I.  Do we want the pcplantdb message archive open to the public - I would assume not and would prefer not myself
So, until I hear otherwise they will stay private.

II. permaculture.info was mistakenly announced, though very briefly and with almost no background info

III. PIW, Permaculture Information Web, has not been announced.
      a) it will need it's own mailing list, piw@ seems appropriate and the following is the purpose it should serve:
          "People wanting to involve themselves with the informational content and general design aspects of the project
should consider subscribing to the piw list instead, http://lists.ibiblio.org/mailman/listinfo/piw"
I would add to this "to read news about PIW to stay current with development efforts and find out about ways to contribute
to the project"
I need to have a piw list created to be the main public PIW discussion forum, with public archives

IV. The two PIW mailing lists will be: pcplantdb and piw, both ibiblio Mailman lists

V. If you don't want a piw list created, let me know. Otherwise I will have it formed and let you know that it
has been configured and is ready for use. You can take it from there and announce it wherever along with/or without
an announcement of PIW and http://permaculture.info as you prefer.


permaculture, permacultureinfo, openpermaculture and pc-knowledgebase are my lists which I will use and develop
over the years. They relate to work I will be continuing on the Web and will be linked to my own websites and wikis.
These resources should prove valuable to PIW as it evolves. I already have a pretty good network of pc and natural
farming people and my lists are open for use by all of them. They each serve different purposes; I've already posted
about that.

So to answer your question below again:

> We could post this on the permaculture.info website (this IS the website for piw
> – is it not?  

This is Chad's creation and as far as I know is the official PIW website/project site.

 > Or is Lawrence going to tell me that it is a website for
> “permaculture information management” now?  

> p.s. hi Lawrence, I swear I am not trying to pick on you, but the number of
> websites and listservs is just getting way out of hand.  IMO hg needs 2

Most of those are my own projects. The permaculture list has finally come into its own
and is a great resource, enjoyed by all subscribers. This trend needs to continue.
Spinoff lists are there to help build a more robust pc network through spawning more websites,
helping people build those websites and make it possible to collaborate on permaculture knowledgebases.
Also those lists are there to help promote PIW and direct people to its database for further collaboration through contributions of 
resources.  On eo fth thing I am working on now is getting Cuban farmers and permaculturists on the main pc list.
I have a few leads, a person from the Peace Corps and a professor at UNC who works with medical personnel in Cuba
who may help bring Cubans to the list and ultimately to PIW to contribute.

> listservs and one website.  C’est tout.

You got it., 2 lists (one new one coming up) and 1 website.

C'est si bon.

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> Richard Morris wrote:
>>I think I'd tend to agree here(i.e. pcplantdb close to new subscribers). 
>>At the moment we have quite a tight group and seem to be getting on with 
>>things quite well. Allowing new people in at this stage probably means 
>>we have to go through the whole vision thing again, disruptive! The 
>>other lists can be more open access.
> So, on this list' homepage I have added:
> "People wanting to involve themselves with the technical
> and logistical aspects of this project are encouraged to subscribe to this
> few-member yet
> high-traffic list. Anyone wishing to join should send email to lfl at intrex.net
> letting us know
> who you are, location, area(s) of expertise and reason for being interested in
> joining the forum. "
> If you wish I can delete this though if anyone wants to go to all the trouble
> to send email
> about joining maybe their request should be reviewed in this list. I expect
> these will be few and far between
> so should not add negatively to the S/N ratio here.
>>One though is that we could have a formal feature requests page on 
>>permaculture.info, that way we could still encourage new input and 
>>ideas. (is this a bug issue?)
> That's a great idea. Maybe have another area for programmers interested in
> helping.

lfl at intrex.net

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