[pcplantdb] synthesis[20][9.8.04]

John Schinnerer john at eco-living.net
Thu Sep 9 17:21:26 EDT 2004


Agree with RichA ideas below

> Our shared workspace should be private. Anyone who wants to
> contribute can be given an account and access.
> The public web site should at this stage be tailored to the specific
> needs of fundraising. In the future this will change, but right now
> there is little need for content which does not contribute toward
> this aim.
> The content should be along the lines of:
> - Outline the specific current goals of this project (i.e. to
> develop a plant information database with a complex search).
> - Briefly outline any other areas/services we might like to expand
> into in the future.
> - Describe the concepts associated with PIW (i.e. what is permaculture,
> what is a guild etc) so that potential funders can learn about those
> terms without having to ask and look dumb.
> - Describe the benefits to the community of this project.
> - Perhaps brief biographies of group members.

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