[pchealth] what does a perfect day of eating look like to you? : nutrition

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what does a perfect day of eating look like to you? : nutrition

Breakfast- savory oats with okra, black beans, tumeric, cilantro, and
scallion. Black coffee and water.

Snack - pineapple and mango

Lunch - corn tortilla cheese free "quesadillas" with mashed pinto beans,
butternut squash, flax, cumin, and chili powder. Romaine lettuce tossed in
lime juice on the side

Snack - almonds, dried cherries, flax

Dinner - "Cream of broccoli soup" - broccoli, pureed white beans and tofu,
nutritional yeast, onion, garlic, tumeric. Spring green salad on the side.

Snack - sliced avocado on whole grain bread

Breakfast: big smoothie with bananas, berries, protein powder, greens and
almond milk OR a big bowl of rolled oats with cinnamon, fruit and nuts
(preferably walnuts but that’s just me!)

Lunch: huge salad with spring mix, spinach and kale (or romaine) with
roasted sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli, mushrooms, any other veggies I
have on hand, seasoned tofu, beans, quinoa, the possibilities are endless!

Dinner: usually any combination of whole grain, veggie and protein. I like
to do Asian stir fry dishes with brown rice, broccoli, bell peppers and
tofu with orange sauce or peanut sauce. I also really love roasted Yukon
gold potatoes, sautéed green beans with garlic and a lentil loaf or bbq

Dessert: fruit with natural peanut butter, handful of walnuts, a few
squares of dark chocolate, or some non-dairy halo top 😋

Lately, this isn’t what my diet has looked like at all. Picture tofu
scramble breakfast burritos with Diaya cheese, pizza, Gardein burgers and
Ben & Jerry’s. But alas, this is what I would like to strive to get back
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