[pchealth] 8 of the top 10 countries that live the longest are also all near the top 10 in Fish consumption. (Interesting observation) : nutrition

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 Hi Larry,
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IMHO almost all, if not all, of the chronic diseases and disabilities we are seeing today (In the US) results from a combination of longterm nutrient/micronutrient deficiencies, and chemical poisoning.

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8 of the top 10 countries that live the longest are also all near the top 10 in Fish consumption. (Interesting observation) : nutrition
"So I was looking at The World Health Organization list of countries with the highest life expectancies. I was trying to figure out if there was a common trend among the countries in the top 10 (nutrition wise). I came to realise that most of these countries were also in the top 10 for total fish consumption per capita.
Japan, Spain, Iceland, Italy, South Korea, France, Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia were all countries that were in the top 10 (or very close) of life expectancy and fish consumption per capita.

Here is the life expectancy ranking- https://www.who.int/gho/publications/world_health_statistics/2016/EN_WHS2016_AnnexB.pdf?ua=1 

Here are some rankings of fish consumption-https://www.helgilibrary.com/indicators/fish-consumption-per-capita/ 

Now obviously i'm sure many other factors come into play that contribute to a higher life expectancy. I'm not here to promote eating fish or anything I just thought it was something interesting."


the lower in the food chain is the animal the less heavy metals it will have build up. And sardines are actually the safest fish to eat in that regard as they only have concentration of mercury of 0.013 ppm. Compare it to canned tuna that has concentration of 0.354 ppm."


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