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> oh, and one thing to watch out for when eating a lot of soy is the estrogen
> factor.
> something to keep in mind.
> starting to feel as if I ought to be posting this in your other list... the
> one about food/health.

Done. Switched lists...

I quit eating soy because of the estrogen, thyroid, chemical residues from
and some soy compounds that may not be so healthy. I decided that
soy products would be much better so I began eating more tempeh, miso soup.
Later went back to tofu (from Trader Joe) with no noticeable ill effects
and have decided to stay with it
at a rate of about 2-3 pounds per week with tempeh accounting for maybe two
half pound packages
and fish or no supplemental protein the remaining days.

rice + tofu or tempeh
miso soup or salad
leftover soup gets cubes of tofu or tempeh plus rice - very fine fare

came up with an astounding breakfast hot cereal:

plenty of water to  make a thick soup like cereal
rolled oats
oat bran
sunflower seeds
grated coconut (key ingredient)
ground flaxseed meal
brazil nuts
a lot of sun dried unsweetened apricots
sea salt

you can also add pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cooked corn grits,
raisins, prunes - the above recipe was just right, no other ingredients
needed for max flavor

when done but not overcooked add plenty of nutritional yeast, honey, olive
oil and soy milk

I was surprised at how good this was, a perfect blend of ingredients for
max flavor, gourmet cereal,
very energizing, nutritious, needs to be served hot.

Next I'll give you one of my miso soup recipes.

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