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Not such an involved search after all...
I checked my email, and it seems I had not shared it with those I’d intended, but I did find myself mentioning it here at pchealth
so that gave me a date and searching history provided the link!


saw some neat stuff here...
which correlates nicely with my TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) studies.
the effects of the psyche on health are an abiding mystery 
which I have been investigating and experiencing
Interesting studying the elements and their properties, and understanding physical elements according to the properties with which they are correlated
If one really gets into this one can notice the effect of shifts within one’s mind on one’s body. 
It’s very interesting.

As mentioned in my previous email, as far as I can tell, New German Medicine distinguishes itself in appreciating the body’s wisdom.
Too much of modern medicine goes against the naturally miraculous nature of the body, setting up false dichotomies and making distinctions that serve its industry rather than health as a process of living.  The person is seen as static and attempts are made to force all data to conform to a certain rigid set of standards.  We are not robots. We are people. Our health will naturally alter its shape through time as we alter our lifestyles, our priorities, our general ‘mix’ of life, and, of course as we age to maturation. 


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  have you seen the New German medicine stuff?

No. Can you provide a link?

  or perhaps it was you that provided it (I'm thinking it was)
  anyway, the point is that what western medicine tends to see as a disease
  symptom is often just the end product of the body dealing with something...
  and clearing it away...
  food for thought...

Absolutely. Can you provide links to these concepts?

There is major new work being done in the area of worms in the digestive tract, which humans used to harbor normally for good health and disease prevention and  favorable intestinal microbial flora and lack of which can cause chronic disease. Certain intestinal worms are being administered to patients with Crohn's Disease for  cure. It works. Processed fecal matter from family members is administered to some patients with incurable and possible deadly or chronic intestinal infections, as might occur after taking certain antibiotics. A study group at NCSU Evolutionary Biology is doing gut microbe inventories for people participating in their research project and submitting samples to them. They are creating a database of microbial wildlife on the human body using samples from people's navels and digestive tracts. This is the wave of the future for 1) longevity 2) human health achieved through natural means 3) natural healthcare.  
  cleansing is hard work and can be challenging at times.

Are you using fiber, diet, probiotics, herbs? These are good methods for cleansing. 

Cleansing: eat less for a while, partial fasting. Adhere to a simple, effective diet, i.e.
traditional Japanese macrobiotic....or raw vegan: salads, proper food combining (eat right foods at the right time, eat certain foods together and not others, for maximum digestion and maximum nutrition....hygenic diet, Shelton, etc. Get enough calories and enough protein; easy to do; most people think they need more protein than they actually do.


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