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Some say that Iodine is like vitamin D, commonly deficient.
Iodine is important for every function within the body.
Too much fish puts one at risk for too much mercury in the system.
Seaweed is more likely a source for iodine, I believe.

Some say that by making sure that the body has enough iodine, will prevent the thyroid from taking up with similar but radioactive components.

It’s pretty amazing what a difference iodine can make.  It can also allay the hunger for meat, according to Dave.  (as has also been credited to a certain variant of sea kelp.)


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I became aware of the importance of iodine for thyroid health when looking for info on tofu
and how safe it is to consume regularly at it is reputed to affect the thyroid. Decided not to worry about that but still am curious about getting enough iodine 
in my diet. I suppose multivitamins may contain traces of it but don't know. Anyway, eating plenty of fish and seaweed should keep iodine levels topped up
I would assume. I am getting used to to Japanese macrobiotic cooking and eating far less meat than before other than fish, dried or canned.
As for iodine for radiation protecttion, I am not knowledgeable about that but I do know that miso will purge the body of radiation.


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  Has been a topic in our household lately...
  and we’ve been observing the effects of supplementation.
  grounding, calling the energies home...
  Lugol’s Iodine is what we use.
  Some pharmacies will not issue it but others will.
  David Brownstein, saying a variety of things in an interview with Mercola:

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