[pchealth] Old time recipes using cornmeal.

venaurafarm venaurafarm at bellsouth.net
Tue Nov 27 21:07:20 EST 2012

I found a household guide and cookbook belonging to my great great 
grandmother. Here are a few recipes from it:

Corn Meal Pone

1 quart Indian meal
1 teaspoon salt
a little lard, melted
cold water to make a soft dough
Mould with the hands into thin oblong cakes, lay in a well greased pan 
and bake very quickly. The common way is to mould into oval mounds, 
higher in the middle than at th ends, shaping these rapidly and lightly 
with the hands, by tossing the dough ver and over. This is done with 
great dexterity by the Virginia cooks, and this corn meal pone forms a 
part of every dinner. It is broken, not cut, and eaten very hot.

Ash cake

Is mixed as above. A clean spot is swept upon the hot hearth, the bread 
put down and covered with hot wood ashes. It must be washed and wiped 
dry before it is eaten. A neater way is
to lay a cabbage leaf above and below the pone. The bread is thus 
steamed before it is baked and is made ready for eating by stripping off 
the leaves.

Fried Pone

Instead of moulding the dough with the hands, cut into slices with a 
knife. Try out some fat pork in a frying pan, and fry the slices in the 
gravy thus obtained, to a light brown.

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