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was just reflecting on how I tried my sea spaghetti in some miso soup.
Have we chatted about miso soup yet?

my personal relationship with eating non meat right now is moderate.
I eat mainly vegan, but then, once in a while, I make up an organic chicken with tons of veggies...
Lots of onion, ginger, garlic, kale, turmeric, paprika, cumin, and more...
Put all of this in a pot.  
with a lid.
Cook at slow heat, say 275, for however long it takes... 
the nice thing about cooking at lower temps is that the ‘ready’ time is more ‘spread out’...
harder to get it wrong.
save for underdoing it, that is.
I’ll leave you to figure that one out.
But, I do have an awesome tip for the broth.
(I’ve probably shared all this before, but our hosts in Winnipeg were excited to learn about this and so, am excited to share it once again!)
Cover the chicken bones with water and add several glugs of vinegar (I use acv)...
This leeches much goodness from the bones, and also renders them bite-into-able... That way, it is possible to suck out the marrow. At times, even to chew the bones...
All very filling and definitely very cold weather suitable.
We had an organic chicken from our part of Vancouver Island with us here that we made up.
Don’t trust ‘natural’ chickens for the simple reason that, though they may not use antibiotics, though they may not keep them cooped up, though they may allow them to pasture free range, the key point is whether or not they give them non-organic feed. For, non-organic feed contains canola and/or soy which is a gmo product!  Plain and simple. And this fact is true for all meats in stores, pretty much!

If it’s time, though, L, for you to go Vegan, then it’s time...
and miso soup is so easy to make!
Just saute some onions, and add in carrot, if you like, lot of greens, and whatever more you wish, though ginger is highly recommended, and sometimes, if the spirit moves, garlic can be great.
The final addition of miso, is to be done only with the portion of soup in your bowl. And, without heat. So, never boil your miso. Just add it cold by stirring it in to your warm soup.
You may wish to add some chopped green onions on top. 
And, seaweed is definitely nice. My favourite would be dulse for the occasion, aside from the spaghetti type, that is...
Kombu, as far as I know needs a lot of time to soften up, so it has not been one that I have added to this mix.

Happy food preparation.
(It is so healthy for all people to take part in their daily repast!)

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