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Didn't realize what  a true 'foodie' you were, Larry!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I'm super curious to know about those 
grinders -- which kind you're using, recommendations you have, if any. (if 
and when you have time)

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On 12/3/2012 1:45 PM, Toby Hemenway wrote:
> On Dec 3, 2012, at 9:09 AM, venaurafarm wrote:
>> http://www.drfuhrman.com and his book "Eat to Live"
>> http://www.drmcdougall.com True North Health Center in Santa Rosa,
>> CA http://www.healthpromoting.com
>> I am a believer in nutrient dense food
> We live near Santa Rosa where Fuhrman and McDougall have a large
> influence. I shifted to their diet about 3 months ago: foods with
> high nutrient to calorie ratios (tons of veggies, legumes, not too
> many grains, avoid all processed foods, very modest amounts of
> pastured-only meat (8 oz/week or so), and no dairy). They
> scrupulously avoid all oils, calling it "the ultimate junk food"
> meaning they are processed, have no nutrition, and have all their
> calories from fat. So you get your oils from nuts and seeds--tied to
> nutrients (like organic fertilizer).

Toby, I am glad you are in good health now with an extra boost from the
Fuhrman diet. Your testimony alone should be enough to convince millions
of folks of the value of this particular dietary regimen.
I have followed natural nutrition trends ever since I heard the term
organic applied to food. This one represents an important new direction,
combining raw with cooked and without oil, dairy, and
processed foods.

> On a per calorie basis--not per weight, which is not what matters
> with food--meat has 10% of the protein and 5% of the nutrients as
> green veggies. I was always a meat-eater, but those data are pretty
> compelling.
> My blood pressure and cholesterol had been creeping up over the
> years. In 2 months, blood pressure had dropped 30 points on both
> sides, and cholesterol had fallen in half. That's typical for this
> diet: everyone reports that. I had thought I had been eating a
> healthy diet: nearly all organic for 25 years, but I now see that I
> had a lot of fat, a fair amount of processed food (breads, pasta,
> cereals) and far too much dairy,


> On what I thought was a healthy diet, I was diagnosed with serious
> cancer 6 years ago, so something clearly was amiss, and I went
> macrobiotic for 2 years. (I'm cancer-free now) Organic alone won't
> save you. Judging from blood pressure, cholesterol, and my increased
> energy level, I think this diet is onto something. Kinda paleo but
> much lower in meat and avoiding dairy and oils (cavemen didn't milk
> cattle or process olives.)

I am glad for your good health now!
Your new diet seems ideal though, if convenience allowed, I would move
further away from cooked foods, infrequently eat meat and only in raw
state, i.e. steak tartare, chateaubriand, sushi - raw fish, oysters
A strict raw vegan friend of mine once suggested that if you must eat
meat, eat it raw, seafood the same. I learned about food combining from
him; a similar plan can be read in Kulvinskas' Survival In the 21st
Century. These food combining rules can be seen as being as important as
your choice of foods to eat; they might serve you well and further
enhance your nutrition and well being. His book is still available on
Amazon, used. When I ate a raw vegan diet I felt better than I ever had
in my entire life. Yes, protein is important and yes B vitamins give you
quite a rush but a balanced raw vegan diet is a different matter entirely.

Paleo Diet = Foraging Early Man Diet.
As for getting oils from nuts and seeds; acquire a hand crank grain
mill; run your seeds and nuts through this. You will be amazed at the
oily paste that is created. Prepare a large, diverse salad with properly
combined vegetables and some fruits. Grind your seeds or nuts and use
them as a salad topping. In a blender put the following: carrots,
sunflower sprouts, raw almonds, celery optional or alternative
ingredients: onion, garlic, sunflower seeds, parsley, cilantro.
Use as a salad dressing for a complete meal. I suppose it could be a
smoothie too.

> Toby http://patternliteracy.com

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