[ocba] Where are the bees in the field??

Lewis Cauble lewis at hivebody.com
Sun Aug 14 20:38:34 EDT 2011

That was a fantastic report on the swarm adventure with Chris  
Richmond!  Thanks!

On Aug 14, 2011, at 8:25 PM, birdcr at concentric.net wrote:

> Folks,
> OK today I participated in the Durham Butterfly count and checked
> pollinating plants for 8 hours from the Eno River State Park over
> to Guess Rd and Little River County Park. I did find about 800
> butterflies in all from 36 species but not one honey bee.... Lots
> of bumblebees, wasps and a few moths on the flowers yet not one
> honey bee. I found golden rod, lots of yellow composites, at least
> a half acre of mountain mint not one bee. Did check our garden the
> hive had maybe 50 bees around it but not one on any of the
> flowers.
> I asked the other 5 parties of people that went out around Durham
> looking for butterflies and only Brian who is an excellent bug guy
> said he saw 2-3 honey bees. The rest did not notice any bees
> either.
> So any ideas to what gives here? It was partly cloudy most of the
> day with sun coming out ever so often.
> Bad news I saw over 100 of those large robberflies that have been
> eating bees at my hive for the past month or more.
> Cheers,
> Randy Emmitt
> Rougemont, NC
> http://rlephoto.blogspot.com/
> BTW if you check the link above you can see photos and read about
> the swarm rescue attempt Chris Richmond made on Friday. The bees
> were 60 ft up a lobolly pine.
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