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Janet Austin jcaustin at visionet.org
Wed Aug 23 19:48:16 EDT 2006

FYI, Jeff Bollinger & I are going to take care of this one. We'll let you
know how it goes!

Randall Austin

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On Tue, 22 Aug 2006, Becky Bollinger wrote:

> Is anyone interested in removing this colony?
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> Hi Becky,
> Don Hopkins recommended I get in touch with you and you could in turn 
> pass this on to the county organization and see if anyone is 
> interested.  I have a friend that called me to tell me that his 
> brother is renovating a house that has an established colony of bees 
> living in one of the walls.  He doesn't want to kill the bees, but 
> also doesn't want to pay much to get rid of them.  I told him it is 
> sometimes hard for beekeepers to do this kind of work because they 
> don't want to tear down walls in order to get to the bees.  He says 
> that he doesn't mind walls being torn up since it is being renovated 
> and he is even willing to help in the demolition process.  The house 
> is located somewhere in Efland, and if anyone is interested I will get 
> more details.
> If you could please pass this on to the group to see if anyone would 
> be interested I would appreciate it.  I can be reached at this email 
> address or my phone number at the lab is (919)513-7702.
> Thanks for your help.
> Jennifer Keller

I would be interested in going to this with someone who's caught a swarm 
before.  I do not have any equipment nor have tried to catch a swarm 

I live in Efland and could meet someone to check it out together. 
I don't have a spare hive body/cover but if I could borrow one I will keep 
the bees...

Jeff Bollinger
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