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Lee also donated scionwood and time to establish his collection at Horne 
Creek State Historic site in Pinnacle, NC. They refer to the orchard as 
The Southern Heritage Apple Collection. The last time I visited, there 
was a dwarf and a semi-dwarf (M111) tree of each of his varieties.

See: https://historicsites.nc.gov/all-sites/horne-creek-farm

On 11/25/2020 12:14 PM, Rosholdt wrote:
> Lee's trees reside with his friend in NC at Century Orchard . Here's a 
> plug:
> *Century Farm Orchardsred apple against blue sky
> **David C. Vernon*
> physical address: Reidsville, NC 27320
> mailing address: P.O. Box 271 Altamahaw, NC 27202
> *telephone:* *336.349.5709*
> *email:* david at centuryfarmorchards.com 
> <mailto:david at centuryfarmorchards.com> (we reply)
>      Simple Website......Superior Service
> https://www.centuryfarmorchards.com/
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>> [nafex] OT: Glad to See Teaffic
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>> I am overjoyed to see the, hopefully not temporary, increase in 
>> traffic on
>> the list.
>> Pawpaws - I am not sure exactly who or where, but I saw a note on the
>> Extension Service in Chatham County NC about a local that has planted in
>> excess of 40 Pawpaw trees and is testing for the best varieties.  During
>> the season some fruits  are available for sale at the local farmers 
>> market
>> in Pittsboro NC, but arrangements must be made in advance, they do not
>> always bring any to the market.
>> If there is interest I (or you) can contact the Ag Extension Service in
>> Chatham County NC to see if a name and contact information are 
>> available.
>> The soils of Chatham are not the "friendliest", most of the county has
>> heavy red clay, with areas that have a grsyer clay.  The gray stuff 
>> hardens
>> into something like concrete,  and when wet can be as slimey and 
>> slick as
>> grease.  However, Chatham County is where Lee Calhoun lived and had his
>> extensive apple collection.  Both Lee and his wife are no longer 
>> alive, and
>> I am not sure what may have become of his mini orchard.
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