[nafex] Pawpaw seedlings - true to parent? (Louis Pittman)

Rosholdt rosholdt at erols.com
Wed Nov 25 12:31:04 EST 2020

I know they are not true to seed.   I saved several dozen seeds from a 
tasting and ended up with about 12 trees.  Of these, I grew to fruiting, 
and replaced the icky ones.  I have 3 left, and one is being grafted 
onto.  I ended up with one really nice tree.  I wish I could have had 
trees like the PA Golden, and others, but pawpaws are like apples - or 
people - you really don't know what you will get.  As to rootstock, it 
is not practically possible to clone pawpaws, subsequently the 
rootstocks are seedlings that grow well enough to be grafted.    For 
updates on the rootstock situation, check with KY State University, the 
germplasm repository for North American pawpaws.

Barbara R

Zone 7a/6c  Central Virginia

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> Other than these handful of seedlings grown from seed I bought from
> Tollgate Nursery (Corwin Davis' daughter and son-in-law) , years ago, I've
> not really kept any to fruiting... have given away many seedlings and
> numerous quarts of seed from grafted trees - but at this juncture, I can't
> tell you what the parent variety is for any of these seedlings, nor which
> still have many or any of their multiple grafts still in existence.  Other
> than one graft of Mango on a wild pawpaw growing in the fenceline well away
> from the house, I can't identify any of my pawpaw grafts anymore.
> So... not my own personal experience, but some of the earliest literature I
> encountered from the resurgence of interest and research into pawpaws, back
> at least into the early 1990s - by folks like Desmond Layne, Corwin Davis,
> etc., suggested that a high percentage of seedlings produced fruit similar
> to, if not comparable to, that of the parent variety.  John Gordon offered,
> in addition to named variety graftlings and scionwood, several
> named-parentage seedling pawpaw selections, which he usually denoted as SAA
> (Saved As 'A')... like SAA Zimmerman, etc., which was a seedling of
> Zimmerman that produced fruit all but indistinguishable from the parent
> tree.
> Lucky
> On Mon, Nov 23, 2020 at 2:31 PM Elizabeth Hilborn<ehilborn at mebtel.net>
> wrote:
>> Hi Lucky,
>> Is that your personal experience? Or can anyone else on list vouch for
>> this?
>> I have not had pawpaw seedlings fruit yet, but I have seen diametrically
>> opposed opinions on this around the 'net.
>> Elizabeth
>> On 11/23/2020 8:37 AM, Louis Pittman wrote:
>>> Pawpaw fruits from named-parentage seedlings are
>>> quite similar in most respects to those of the parent variety.

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