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Wed Nov 25 12:14:50 EST 2020

Lee's trees reside with his friend in NC at Century Orchard . Here's a plug:

*Century Farm Orchardsred apple against blue sky
**David C. Vernon*
physical address: Reidsville, NC 27320
mailing address: P.O. Box 271 Altamahaw, NC 27202
*telephone:* *336.349.5709*
*email:* david at centuryfarmorchards.com 
<mailto:david at centuryfarmorchards.com> (we reply)

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> [nafex] OT: Glad to See Teaffic
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> I am overjoyed to see the, hopefully not temporary, increase in traffic on
> the list.
> Pawpaws - I am not sure exactly who or where, but I saw a note on the
> Extension Service in Chatham County NC about a local that has planted in
> excess of 40 Pawpaw trees and is testing for the best varieties.  During
> the season some fruits  are available for sale at the local farmers market
> in Pittsboro NC, but arrangements must be made in advance, they do not
> always bring any to the market.
> If there is interest I (or you) can contact the Ag Extension Service in
> Chatham County NC to see if a name and contact information are available.
> The soils of Chatham are not the "friendliest", most of the county has
> heavy red clay, with areas that have a grsyer clay.  The gray stuff hardens
> into something like concrete,  and when wet can be as slimey and slick as
> grease.  However, Chatham County is where Lee Calhoun lived and had his
> extensive apple collection.  Both Lee and his wife are no longer alive, and
> I am not sure what may have become of his mini orchard.
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