[nafex] paw paw taste

Elizabeth Hilborn ehilborn at mebtel.net
Tue Nov 24 05:47:46 EST 2020

I have only tasted two named varieties Mango and Shenandoah.  They were 
both delicious, sweet, fruity, bright without the taste/smell of 
overripe banana (tang) that the wild fruits contain.

There was a 6 year gap between tasting them so I cannot compare their 
tastes directly. I do remember the mango surprised me with its 

In my experience, the selected varieties are worth the effort. That is 
why I keep trying to buy grafted trees and to graft my sprouts.


On 11/24/2020 5:41 AM, Alan Haigh wrote:
> I believe that some people can taste the slight toxic tang of paw paws and
> some can't.  Those that can't think they are absolutely delicious and those
> that can are never big fans. Unfortunately, like Lee,  I fall in the latter
> group.
> I've never tasted a Peterson variety, though.
> __________________

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