[nafex] Leaves in hole before fruit tree

DB pogohome at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 20:45:43 EST 2020

 I am wondering if putting some dead leaves (that time of year) into the
bottom of a hole before planting a tree would be of any benefit and add
some biology to the clay.
I have thick clay just a few inches down and want to do something to jump
start the soil for when I plant the fruit
<https://permies.com/t/52914/videos/grow-groceries-dvd-set-marjory> trees
<https://permies.com/t/9758/woodland/man-planted-trees> (seedlings) in the
spring.  Pawpaw and American Persimmon.
Since I have a concern with large rocks being just below the surface I will
use a small backhoe to dig holes a couple feet deep and then fill the holes
back in.
I have ordered some expanded shale and was thinking of using some of the
many oak leaves that get placed on the streets here.
Would vermiculite or something else help here?
Looking at a $100 hole for a $10 tree.

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