[nafex] Persimmon pests

Devin Smith dvidedevo at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 22 09:52:00 EST 2020

This year I lost much of my American persimmon crop to some non-descript brownish nocturnal moths. They hover around the tree piercing the fruit en masse with their proboscises, causing it to rot. Ive tried to figure out what they are, to no avail. They seem to resemble codling moth in some respects. I saw no evidence of the fruit feeding being part of their life cycle - I.e. ovipositing, larvae, etc. The fruit just gets soft and rots, often in place, eventually turning brown and dedicated. I probably lost half of my crop to them, as they often attack the fruit before it’s fully ripe. Too bad, as I finally had a nice crop on several varieties. I’m wondering if they might be some type of Johnny come lately like spotted wing drosophila. There seems to be no mention in the literature. Anyone observe them or have insight? Thanks
Devin SmithSouthern VTZone 5

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