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> Facebook didn’t absorb all the activity from this list. It’s not really a
> good replacement.
> https://growingfruit.org/
> However, is a very active community, and I find the format more practical
> than an email list.

That is a _really_ good format, one of the best I have seen.
I am curious whether I can create one similar to that using Google Site. I
will make that tonight's project.
It will not be connected to this list or its mirror site. You will have to
create an account and log in to participate.
Actually I will create a new Google group and then when I have created the
site I will give all subscriber permission to use all the features of the
That is probably the best way to go about it. It gets around having to
constantly revise the list of people who have full access and permissions
(to create and edit pages and upload files) to the site.
I will call it NAFE to avoid conflict with nafex.

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