[nafex] pear as rootstock

sherwin sherwindu at att.net
Sat Mar 30 22:52:34 EDT 2019

On 3/30/2019 7:25 PM, Caleb Smith wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I don't post here much but i very much appreciate this forum!
> My uncle has been grafting like crazy on the bradford pear that is all over
> his land and is getting great results. He is now putting apple on the pear
> and getting good takes. I dont see this combo in the literature and was
> wondering if anyone has experience or knows the long term viability of this
> combination.
> Thanks for your response
> Caleb
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    Hi Caleb,

     Apples are not compatible with pear rootstock.  There may be an 
initial sign of growth, but it would be only

     a matter of time before the graft union would fail.  Apple 
rootstocks are not that expensive, so rather than

     put a lot of effort into a losing venture, start off right with the 
correct material.

                  Sherwin Dubren

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