[nafex] Seckle or Calleryanna?

alexis alex at conev.org
Fri Mar 29 21:01:42 EDT 2019

I was visiting a friend of mine today. She showed me her Seckle (Seckel) 
on calleryana rootstock. The tree was going up like a pine, and had lots 
of small flowers clustered very tightly. It looked in fact exactly like 
the flowering pear across the street (where all you can see this time of 
year is white...) I am wondering if somehow the roostock sprouted up and 
now the tree is the rootsock. I have a bunch of pear trees, and though 
there is a lot of variation in flower density, I don't have any that 
have anywhere near the density of small flowers that the flowering pears 
have. (I used to think I had a seckle, then I realized it was 
mis-labeled, though it makes fine fruit....)

So, if this tree she has is really callery, I can wack it off and graft 
it into something edible. But can anybody tell me, given the limited 
information presented here, does a real seckle have a bloom density 
anywhere near a flowering pear?



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