[nafex] Northern Blackberries

jimfruth at charter.net jimfruth at charter.net
Tue Oct 16 10:13:46 EDT 2018

	 I have tried all blackberries that I could find offered for sale
from catalogs and while a few were both hardy and productive, all were
very susceptible to fungi. One variety, Thibodaux was worthy but
needed to be buried under the snow to thrive. 

	 SO, I developed my own to be super hardy, quite productive, disease
resistant, and even grows in the filtered sunlight among pine trees.

	-----------------------------------------From: "James Snow [KDHE]" 
To: "jimfruth at charter.net"
Sent: Tuesday October 16 2018 8:51:33AM
Subject: Northern Blackberries

	Hello. My name Is James Snow. I see you are the NAFEX interest group
leader for Rubus for the north. I have been interested in growing
blackberries in Kansas. The few kinds I have grown seem to have lots
of winter kill. I am currently looking at gathering hardy blackberry
varieties for trial and possible breeding here. Kansas is challenging
as it gets both very hot in summer and very cold in winter. It seems
many of the very hardy blackberry varieties are hard to locate. I have
tried to find “Illini Hardy” with no success. Do you have any
experience with “Nelson” or “Stenulson”. Any recomondations?
Also do you have any experience with wild “Rubus Canadensis” the
Canada Smooth Blackberry, Thornless? Thanks 


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