[nafex] Wild Peach Seed

Jim Fruth jimfruth at charter.net
Wed May 17 20:32:14 EDT 2017

    During my search for Siberian C peach seed, I encountered a site that 
offered "wild peach seed from Northern China."  That is where peaches 
originated, I was told, so I ordered some.  The seeds are tiny, about the 
same size as Sib C peach seed that I got out of Canada years ago.  The down 
side of this transaction is that the Hong Kong people who sent them to me 
avoided U.S. inspection by lying about the contents.  Just in case the seeds 
brought some unwanted surprise, I soaked them in bleach - now I hope they 

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I'm also interested in a source of Siberian Peach seeds, if anyone is aware.


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