[nafex] Fruit trees -- high water table

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Fri Jan 6 13:51:53 EST 2017

Hi, Ive been working at searching for a property.  One I will check out next features a soil type which is categorized under the "Rockaway Series".  
Rocky, sandy, deep, supposedly well-dained soul, but there is a 14" clay fragipan a couple of feet down.
A seasonally high water table is of special concern; water table during is just 18" - 30" under the soil surface during these times.
Also, the soil is very acidic (pH of 5).
My focus is on growing native persimmon, paw paw, native plums (P. americana, P. munsiniana, P. angustifolia) and apples. 
 However, I would also like to grow Cornelian-cherry, sour cherry and apricot.  
In dealing with the issue of a high water table, the thought I had was to clear 9 acres of upland woods (necessary for the creating space for the projected orchard) and then dump all of the non valuable lumber and rock on 3 acres of the cleared orchard surface then overtop with a few inches of top soil/sand. 
On this 3 acres, i could plant apricot, stone fruits, etc.  
I think persimmon, hickory, chestnut, paw paw would do ok with a seasonally high water table just 2' below the surface?
It might not be the right site.  Then there's the issue of pH.  I'd  Would something like this work?  

Thank you,Steve NJ

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