[nafex] trezibond date

Henry treehugger53ah at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 11 18:22:31 EDT 2016

There does not seem to be much information about this plant.

The internet suggests it is the same species as Russian olive. The fruit is much larger and sweet.

A friend from Turkey claims it was a favored fruit among the children when he was growing up. He brought me a bag of the fruit.

They look like dates with a light brown dry skin. I broke one open with my fingernail and found a dry almost white mealiness inside. It did not look appetizing. It was sweet but not at all like a date.

I tried manually cleaning the seed and it was way too difficult. But I could clean them well with my teeth. The taste grew on me and I found myself happily cleaning the rest of them.

Does anyone know if I can expect good quality fruit from seed?

Does anyone have experience growing it in North America?

--Henry Fieldseth
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, zone 4

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